Light of Life Centre

Kenya: Ditte Thye

We have been supporting the work of Ditte for a number of years now and know that her heart is to allow the children of Kenya the opportunity of love support and education. Will you now consider supporting us so that we can support Ditte in her missionary work to the children of Kenya?

The following is a short reśumė on the call, work and vision of Ditte Thye.

Very aware of her absolute dependency upon God who called her into His service, Ditte Thye left her home in Germany for Kenya in 1993. Since then she has reached thousands of children and youth with the love of Christ and trained many children’s workers countrywide to teach effectively. Until this point the majority of the work has been in the slums surrounding Nairobi, but God has recently expanded the vision of Light of Life Centre. The aids problem is drastically increasing, leaving more and more children orphaned and without help. Many of these children end up on the street with no-one to care for them or defend their cause. The vision of Light of Life Centre is to construct a rescue centre near Malindi  to shelter destitute and orphaned children and young people in the coastal region of Kenya. This new facility will contain a meeting centre where children and teens in the community can be reached with the Gospel and equipped to follow Jesus. Classrooms where literary classes will be held, agricultural areas where the children can learn how to make best use of the land, a vocational school to teach sewing, carpentry etc., and housing facilities for needy children and teens who are pregnant, chased away from home or who are orphaned.

 The Light of Life Centre is situated 12 km outside of the coastal town of Malindi Kenya 


  • Homework assistance
  • Holiday clubs and Sport events
  • Counselling for pregnant teens
  • Literacy programmes
  • Workshops for professional trainings
  • Agricultural activities
  • Seminars on various topics
  • Medical camps

 To invest in this ministry you can get in touch with us by email or at our online store and from there you can give your financial gift. (£20 x by how much you would like to give)

Thank you for your donation Smile



Mark 10:14 Jesus said "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the
kingdom of God belongs to such as these.

May 2016

Dear Friends,
Psalm 40:10 I have not hidden Your righteousness within my heart; I have declared Your faithfulness and Your salvation; I have not concealed Your lovingkindness and Your truth from the great assembly.
Romans 10:14 How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?

In the book of Acts we read about Paul, who as a prisoner standing before his judges did not consider his state of importance. We can see many situations where Paul made the ost of the opportunity talk about God's righteousness, truth and love even to his judges.
Our mission here remains to declare boldly the truth and love of the only true and living God. People turn away from the LORD, but others turn to the Lord. We rejoice over everyone who lives for the Lord.
On Good Friday we watched the Jesus Film with some kids and enjoyed home-made juice and cake with them, celebrating the love of our Lord Jesus for us.
In our „Light of Life“ Mission school we again had to let go of kids who left, because the parents did not see the need for the children to get a good education. The constant changes are sad, but we learn to live with it.
A teacher left, because his behaviour was not any more agreeable with a biblical character. After he left the general atmosphere in the school changed and is much more peaceful now. Nevertheless we are still short of teachers and generally mission workers, whose heart is to serve and reach out. Things are moving on because I am in school most of the time. I enjoy the time with the kids, but this causes the backlog of office work and communication with you. This is the reason you never heard from me for such a long time.
Praise the Lord for his answer to prayer!!! Thanks to all who prayed and gave!!!
Lucy found a job in end of February. We rejoice with her also because the work is in Mombasa so that she can come once in a while home over the weekend.
Due to a sponsorship Catherine, youngest sister to Lazarus, was enrolled in der High School. Here you see Catherine (left) with Jackline (right) in their school uniforms just ready to go back to boarding school.
By now my oldest grandchild Delight is also in High School. Daily we pray for all of them so that
they stay true to Jesus in the boarding schools, which are full of all kind of people and mindsets
We trust the Lord that they study well and remain healthy!
Praise the Lord! We started building the Multi-purpose hall with a big kitchen. Unfortunately we had to cut down 2 fairly big tress.
But thanks to Francis, who is trained in the use of the power saw, this did not take too much time.
During Easter we had visitors from Tanzania and Switzerland. It was a very fruitful time of sharing with the missionary Brigitte from Tanzania as well as with Beat from Switzerland. Beat took his time and came to school and shared with our kids in school. He challenged them to see how much God loves them and cares for them. Thanks to God for friends!
Our holiday club was from 25. -29. April. We had a busy and good time to teach the kids to walk by faith and to be faithful. Unfortunately the camera did not work so we could not make any photos.
We are still praying for a solution for our borehole water being purified.
We also are looking into the issue of getting the borehole pump and even a purification of the water energized by solar, because we see it as every important being independent of
electricity which is very unreliable breaking down transformers and no supplies for days on a row.
But we know that our redeemer lives and we will get these challenges sorted in HIS way and time!!!
Thank you, all of you, who have been such a great support for all these years! May the LORD bless you and receive the honour and glory in all!!!
Many greetings from all of us here in Kenya in JESUS, the author and perfecter of our faith!
In Love
Ditte Thye

P.O.Box 5045,
Postcode 80200, Malindi, Kenya, East Africa,
Mobile +254 722 805 533
or +254 736 249 246
Cooperative Bank of Kenya
Malindi Branch
Account no 22100260634800
Account name: Children of God's
Contact Germany: Brunhild Wehner,
Jordanstr. 5, 30173 Hannover, Germany
Contact USA: Rose Boyd, OTT, P.O. Box
170, 7160 Sherrill Baggett Rd., Falcon, N.C.
28342, USA