Not much to look at for the moment .but this is the site chosen for the next well

We have 40% towards the new well but we need extra help to reach the goal of £2000

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We declare that Jesus Christ is worthy of all worship

Another great word from Trina..... A nugget of truth. A truth that can keep us from that anxious place.

Wells for Uganda H₂O
What a great way to end this year, please celebrate with us.
When this work is completed we will take a break into February next year when we will begin the work again.
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with your best gift so that we can begin 2021 with a bang. Thank you all so much.
Eddie Trina & Team

When the plan changes

Isaiah 61: 1-11

Here are my thoughts (Eddie).......Jesus came into to the world to have a relationship with man and to reconcile us all to God.
He came in order for us who have all been broken in one way or another to be able to be made whole as God first intended.
He did / does this through the anointing which God has put upon His life.
Today and every day we can put our trust in Him to make us whole in Spirit , Soul and Body.
Why not begin this journey of freedom today by asking Him to come into your life to make you a new creation, repenting of your sin and asking for His forgiveness ........
He makes all things new.

Made for worship

Jesus wants to reach out touch you and give you new life.