For Over Five Years

For over five years (2010) the leadership of the Church had sensed that there was change in the air and that God was directing them to lay down the leadership and the Church. This was something that was not a simple and easy thing to do after all these years of being a fellowship in the community but they also knew that the right thing is to be obedient to God, God spoke to them through the Scripture from John 12:24 Most assuredly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it produces much grain. From this Scripture it was clear to them that they needed to be obedient to God and lay the Church down in order to see what would come of the grain of wheat (the Church) The members of COTW could easily have continued to meet together and hold other events and ministry as they had done over the previous 35 years after all they had a good building, finances were good, fellowship meetings were good but there was the challenge of obedience, and God calls believers to be obedient to Him in all things and in obedience COTW have ceased having public meetings. So on Easter Sunday 2016 Church on the Way conducted their last public meeting in the form of a Commissioning service sending the people out to be fruitful wherever they were to go, wherever God would lead them. It’s with a sense of excitement at what God is going to do to report that all members of the Church on the Way are either meeting for fellowship locally or further afield. It’s been said that as a Committed Christian you will bring value wherever you go, we believe that and know that value has already been added to the Churches they are now part of. A few members of Church on the Way are continuing with some of the ministry they were involved with as a congregation both in preaching / teaching and in financial support, these are: 1. Wells for Uganda H2O 2. Revival Fire Ministries 3. Light of Life Centre 4. Montenegro If you wanted to support any of these ministries please go to our online store and there you can give by way of PayPal Thank you

We are now at September 2020 and are excited to report that the ministry of Church on the Way through Wells for Uganda H2O continues to thrive.
Four other churches have benefited from the members of COTW being obedient to God in 2016 and they are very involved with the life and ministry of these churches.
We say hasn’t the Lord been good!