Wells for Uganda H₂O
What a great way to end this year, please celebrate with us.
When this work is completed we will take a break into February next year when we will begin the work again.
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with your best gift so that we can begin 2021 with a bang. Thank you all so much.
Eddie Trina & Team


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  • Costings

    We’ve been sent the costings for the next four Wells.
    They are all in the Kyegegwa district 1. Bweyale 2. Kinyinya 3. Kakahungu 4. Kihumba
    Total cost 32 million 800 thousand Ugandan shillings approx £8000 depending on exchange rate.
    So we need to raise that amount to be able to complete this phase of our work.
    All donations can be made at www.churchontheway.net at the online store
    Standing orders can be set up or cheques sent please do get in touch.
    Thank you
    Eddie & Trina

  • Well locations

    We want to add four more wells at £2000 each well. All donations at our online store.
    Thank you

  • Funds

    We need 8million Ugandan shillings to complete each well

Hello Everyone

I’ve Just arrived back from Uganda where I checked out some completed wells and some new sites.
It was exciting to see the supply of water from all the wells we’ve fitted and the joy it brings into the community, I was told that water borne illnesses have declined since these wells have been sited.

I’ve returned with the task of raising another £8000 for the 4 new wells all in the Kyegegwa District of Uganda where Wells for Uganda H2O have decided to concentrate our efforts as the need here is so great. Having checked these sites out whilst out there I know that they will work and will produce enough water at each site.
I want to thank everyone for your continued support of Wells for Uganda H2O and ask if you can be an ambassador for us by encouraging others to help us financially all money raised goes directly towards the digging of a well.

Thanks again for considering to support this work it’s much appreciated as it makes a huge difference for so many.

Donations can be made at www.churchontheway.net online store......please let me know if you want to do a bank transfer or send a cheque

Eddie Henderson

1. Not much to look at but this well helps to saves lives.


27. Aug, 2019


Here is some photos of the broken wells now resurrected giving safe water to the community here.
We are at a standstill at the moment due to the lack of funds
Donations are taken at our online store.....please give freely at our online store
Thank you

This our up to date report for                               Wells for Uganda H2O

As of today’s date we have been able to dig 28 completely new wells and repair 21 wells which means at least 85,750 people have access to safe drinking water. (Each well serves min 250 homes x 7 people per home = 1750 x 49 wells = 85,750)
We are now at a place where our bank account is dry therefore we will not able to proceed with any further wells at the moment.

We are exceptionally grateful for all the support we have had from many people helping us achieve the work done so far.
In order to do further wells we obviously need financial support now and into the future.
Would you consider setting up a bank standing order for a monthly amount OR maybe you’re not able to give a monthly amount but you would consider giving a one off financial contribution towards our work we would be very grateful.

We have 1 site in a place called Nyabusisi that needs 2 wells to be able to cope with the demand for safe water, the cost for this work will be £4000 so it’s our goal to raise enough funds to complete this work. The people here in Nyabusisi are having to walk 3 miles each way to fetch water we want to bring safe drinking water closer to them……with your help we can do it, Please do get in touch with me to discuss.

Many thanks



NEWS ! NEWS! RE-DIGGING THE WELLS. We have identified seven broken wells within the district of Kyegegwa where weve been working.These wells have been lying redundant for some time due to the lack of funds and the skills to do the repairs. It will cost about £40 to strip them down and check if its possible to repair them. Lifeplus Church Blairgowrie have given us enough money to cover this work and we are very grateful to them for this. After assessments are made we hope that it would cost about 600-£800 each to do the repairs at a total cost of approx.£5600 as apposed to £14000 to build 7 new wells. We need support to be able to do all of this and are asking if you could consider donating some finances at my Facebook fundraiser or from our online store here to enable us to do this. Thank you Eddie Henderson

So glad to report that well number two for this year has now been completed. From these wells 3500 people have access to safe clean drinking water.
A huge thanks to all who have given finanically to this work.

However the risk of serious illness or even death from drinking contaminated water is a daily reality to people in Uganda and the need for more wells is forever at the horizon of our vision.

Would you help us in the construction of well number three?
We continue to be able with proper financial scrutiny keep the construction costs for each well to £2000.
Can we ask you to consider supporting this work and send a financial gift large or small to www.churchontheway.net or from our Facebook Wells for Uganda H20 to give instant bank transfer funds please do get in touch.
Many thanks
Eddie Henderson

In my next report I will introduce Daniel and Godfrey from Uganda who are both involved with the work of Wells for Uganda H2O

Having arrived back from my trip to Uganda I wanted to post a short video of a well we dug at the end of last year. This is what it's all about the supply of wells in various communities giving people a safer water source. We are planning to dig three more wells in the next period of time but need further finances to do so. Each well we dig we set the budget at £2000 and endeavour to keep within that budget, thankfully we have been successful with each well so far. Please give your donation towards the next well using the online store.
( check out Facebook Wells for Uganda H2O) Many Thanks Eddie

5. Apr, 2017

Great Progress

Why not help us make this year a year of change for some communities in Uganda.
Please contribute towards a new well at a cost of £2000 each. Use the online store above and give your gift or contact me with your pledge.
If you prefer you can give a gift monthly by Standing order get in touch and we can help you set up a payment with your bank.
Sincere thanks.


At a communal water spring in Kinawataka, a low-end squalid suburb of Kampala, children with all sorts of repulsively dirty containers are not only collecting water, but equally littering the water point with rubbish. Visibly, the stagnant water down the collection point is such a distasteful sight.
At a short distance away, some ladies are drawn in washing clothes, some of which contain child excreta, used water runs off to the water point, thus contaminating it. Such gross hygiene abuse is not limited to the Kinawataka spring, it is a replica of what happens at most community springs or water sources such as taps, in other poorly planned and densely populated areas of Kampala and Uganda as a whole.
Many areas in the country have no access to safe water and improved sanitation. Consequently, lack of access to safe water and absence of sanitation integrity due to contamination of most water sources has over time spurred repercussions, both of an economic and health nature, especially water-related diseases such as diarrhoea. 400 die daily of diarrhoeal disease According to the minister of state for primary health care, as cited by the New Vision of February 25, over 400 people die daily of various infections, including diarrhoea, dysentery, cholera, typhoid, ebola and marburg fever. -

See more at: http://www.newvision.co.ug/…/dirty-water-major-cause-childr…