18. Jan, 2021

Covid pandemic bible distribution
The Covid pandemic has greatly affected young Kenyans. Schools and all learning institutes have been closed for months. In our neighbourhood there are so many children sitting at home with nothing really to do so we sent them a bible so they are able to read it at home, as well as a bible tract. We also added a food parcel for the family who are having extra expenses with the children being at home. It’s our hope and prayer that many will start reading the Word of God

Thank you so much for your continued donations to Revival Fire Ministries it is very much appreciated.
At this time although we have not been able to go out on crusades we continue to touch the people of Congo and Kenya through radio programmes and Bible distribution along with some food distribution.
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Tim & Christian Eliza and Josiah.

4x4 Needed

17. May, 2019

Exciting News

Dear Partners,

Grace and peace to you .

The Lord has graciously and faithfully sustained and blessed us the last months as we resumed the work in Congo. In February 2019 we were in Eastern Congo in 2 towns in the Ituri Province. Many were reached, fed physically and spiritually and helped by the Word and His Spirit.
Praise the Lord that we were all a part of making this happen.

As we progress into this year, the Lord is leading us back to Eastern Congo in the months of May and June. We will be revisiting The province of North Kivu where we have been working for many years. We will be in 2 towns Sake and Minova that are on the shores of Lake Kivu.

Jesus is the Savior of the whole world. The main directive of the church has always been Mark 16:15 go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.

If you would like to partner with us helping us to reach Sake and Minova in DRC

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New Bass Speakers
Our new bass speakers (for the tech minded Meyer PSW4) are on the way to Kenya. We are so thankful to the Lord for this supernatural provision. They will be used mainly in the tent making the sound a lot richer and warmer. However they can also easily be used outdoors for open air meetings as well.

Tim Christian Eliza and Josiah.
Very exciting news. We would like to announce with great joy in our hearts that our son Timothy and daughter in law Christian together with our 2 beautiful grandchildren Eliza and Josiah will be joining us in the ministry in September 2020. They will come to live in Kenya where our mission is based and get involved in many different aspects of the work.

Faith Project
The Lord is bringing the increase more and more. As we expand one new project we have is for the purchasing of a new ministry vehicle. With the truck you helped provide for last year we went safely and efficiently into Eastern Congo . Now we are in need of another vehicle. The roads in Kenya Uganda and Congo where we travel are such that a 4x4 is a necessity . We are confident that the Lord will provide this vehicle.
Yes I would like to sow into the 4x4 Car Project
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Thank you for believing in us and partnering with us to help to reach many in the Congo. The prison outreach, radio ministry and the Bible distribution are all going ahead as we go back to Congo this month.

Yours prayers and giving is a great encouragement to us. May the Lord richly bless you ,

Laborers together ,

Roger and Shireen West

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Revival Fire Ministries
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17. May, 2019

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 Roger & Shireen West 

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