Mark 10:14
Jesus said: “Let the children come to me, don’t stop them, for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”

September 2020

Psalm 105: 2-4
Sing praises to the Lord!
Tell about His miracles. Celebrate and worship His holy name with all your heart. Trust the Lord and His mighty power.
Praise the Lord!

Thanks for your prayers!
Since the 23rd of August 2020 we are able to celebrate a children’s church service from 8 – 9 o’clock on Sunday mornings. Children from the age of 6 years and older are allowed to come to the little church in Gede. We need social distancing as you can see, but we rejoice that we can have them again together. Halleluyah!
Dear Friends,
Schools are still closed. Universities and Colleges are still on online studies. Even Jackline‘s College is doing online studies.
The conditions for the re-opening of the general schools for formal education are not yet clearly communicated but we know that things will be very difficult especially for the many over-crowded government schools.
For us in the Light of Life Mission School changes are underway. We are changing all 3- and 4 seater school desks into single desks. This is necessary to assure the needed social distance of at least 1 metre between the pupils.
We still need to cut down a big tree that is grown too tall and poses a threat to a building. We are hoping that we get enough timber out of that tree so that we do not need to buy much timber because the prices are very high. Our carpenter is starting on that job changing the desks soon.

The extension of 3 additional classrooms to the school building with 4 more toilets is going on slowly but surely.

Since the Honey badger unfortunately killed our last bee colony we were forced to invest time and a lot of our own manpower to build a house for the bee hives.
Here we have the hives save and secure. We also have lots of space to expand and slowly add more hives. Just now we secured an other swarm of bees and are trusting the Lord for better times in the future with our own honey again. Thank you Lord!

The International flights resumed in August. Some of my friends who due to the Lock-down had been stuck in Europa and in the US were able to return to Kenya. Otherwise things are very quiet in Malindi because there are no tourists. Since tourism was the main source of income in the coastal region economically things are not that good. Many shops are still closed and it looks like that some had to give up all together.
Despite the fact that the economical situation in the country is bad, we can still see how the Lord is helping His children who trust Him fully. Thanks to the Lord!
Last time I asked you for prayer. Thanks for praying for me and the work here in Kenya!
God spoke clearly and I was able to see that my physical presence here in Malindi is needed. Further more the again and again changing conditions on international travelling are another reason that the Lord directed me not to travel to Europe this year.
Thank you also for your prayers concerning the world-wide crisis and the effects it has all over.
Thanks especially all who spontaneously sent some extra donations!!!
Concerning the solution for our internet, it seems that we need to get some equipment from Europe.
Please continue praying for competent co-workers and mission minded believers who can come and take over some of the leadership of the many facets of this mission work! THANKS!
Be blessed and kept in the arms of our mighty God and Lord Jesus Christ! In the love of Christ

Ditte Thye,

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