One evening Keir Tayler was watching the Olympics and someone from Montenegro won a medal. He thought to himself, “I wonder where that is.” He put a message on Facebook asking if anyone knew any church leaders in Montenegro and received a reply. As it turns out, Montenegro, located in South Eastern Europe, is one of the most unchurched nations in the world. Keir recently visited the country and found out that, in the entire nation, there are only three church leaders.

One of these has been working into the nation for 25 years, another for 15 years.

This video, below, gives an overview of the trip and highlights the tremendous need in this nation. As Keir and Lance de Ruig, who went with Keir, encouraged these leaders in their work, they also asked them a few questions. Check it out.

We had a great time during our trip to visit Jovica and Savka Bacvanski
Eddie & Jeremy went to encourage the Church and help lift their arms.
We were able to preach in the church a couple of times and join them mid week at their prayer meeting, we also had great fellowship round food and numerous coffee times. Great discussions times, prayer and worship over the week we were there.
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Thank you