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Digging wells in Uganda

Price: 20.00 GBP
Give your best Gift £20+. And multiples of £20 Each well cost £2000 to dig. This is a donation You are giving for the work of Wells for Uganda H2O, there is no product to be sent Please also check out our Facebook page Wells for Uganda H2O


Price: 10.00 GBP
Help Support the Church in Montenegro by giving £10 or more (And multiples of £10) Your gift will go to support Jovica and the work of the church in Montenegro no product to be sent.

Revival Fire Ministries

Price: 10.00 GBP
Roger & Shireen West Winning Africa for Jesus - Titus 2:11 This is a financial donation you are giving there is no product to be sent.Please give your gift of £10 And multiples of £10 Check out

Light of Life Centre

Price: 10.00 GBP
Ditte Thye: Working with children in Malindi Kenya You would be giving a financial gift towards Ditte’s work in Malindi there is no product to be sent. Please give your best Gift of £10 and multiples of £10